Go To Work

Go To Work

Tradervan provides a fully managed service to our customers fitting out their new or used van prior to collection so YOU CAN GO TO WORK on day one of ownership.

In most cases we can include the additional costs onto your finance agreements to help with your cash flow.

For more information please call a mender of our sales team on 01277 356598

Packs Include:


We can supply and fit racking for your van made from either Ply Wood or Metal and built to your specific requirements

Go To Work - Racking


We offer fibre glass and resin lining to the inside of the vehicle to enable the inside to be wiped down /washed out when needed. Available in various coverage options this is very popular with our customers that carry asbestos/food etc and require to be cleaned out regularly

Go To Work - Linings


Deadlocks have been used with great success in the industry for many years and still tend to be the preferred option for many users. They improve security by adding an additional locking point to the door and therefore work independently to the vehicles existing locking mechanism.

Go To Work - Deadlocks


Did you know that 70% of consumers are more likley to employ a company's services based on the appearance of their vehicles. With vehicle graphics, every mile you drive can help proomote your business. Vehicle graphics turn your car, truck or van into a moving advertising media that will grab up to 600 visual impressions per mile making vehicle graphics the most cost effective form of advertising medium.

Go To Work - Livery